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Author Anon.
Title The High Dutch Minerva à la mode - or a Perfect Grammar never extant before, - whereby the English may both easily and exactly learne the Neatest Dialect of the German Mother-Language used throughout all Europe
Description English Linguistics 1500-1800 ( A Collection of Facsimile Reprints) No. 363.
The Scolar Press: Menston, 1972.
Document type Book
Year 1680
Language en
Call number UB Regensburg: HF165-363
Classification Buch-, Bibliotheks-, Dokumentations- und Informationswesen. Philosophie. Sprache. Literatur. Pädagogik. Psychologie. Religion | Sprache, Sprachwissenschaft und Sprachgeschichte | Romanische Sprachen
Alo4 metadata Schulbuch | non-fiction | blackletter | published
Digital publication Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Tirol - 1.1.2005
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